Bakson's B8 (Calcification Drops) -

Bakson's B8 (Calcification Drops)

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Calcification Drops

Calcification is a gradual accumulation of
calcium in an area of body tissue. Most of the
calcium absorbed by body ends up in bones and
teeth, where it is most needed. Excess calcium
is usually dissolved in the bloodstream for
excretion in the urine, but it is normal for a
certain amount to collect in an area of the body
tissues; this collection of calcium then hardens
the tissue. Calcification of soft tissue (arteries,
cartilage, etc) can be caused by Vitamin K
deficiency or by poor calcium absorption due to
a high calcium/vitamin D ratio.

Composition : Arnica mon. 3x, Arsenicum iod.
4x, Aurum mur. 6x, Baryta mur. 4x, Calcarea.
iod. 3x, Crataegus. oxy. 3x, Glonoinum 12x, Kali.
iod. 3x, Plumbum met. 6x.

Indications : For symptoms associated with
Arteriosclerosis in general, senility, vertigo and
weak memory.

Dosage : 10‐15 drops should be diluted with
water and taken 2‐3 times a day.

During the initial therapy take 4‐6 time a day.
During treatment salt should be avoided.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
In Cardiac insufficiencies : See B4.
In Angina Pectoris : Alternate with B5.
In simultaneous cardiac weakness : Use
alternatively B8 and B4, each one 2‐3 times
In Vertigo : Alternate with B16
In Cardiac Decompensation : Take B59.



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