Bakson's B69 (Sciatica Drops) -

Bakson's B69 (Sciatica Drops)

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Sciatica Drops

Sciatica is pain resulting from irritation of the
Sciatic nerve. The pain is typically felt from the
low back to behind the thigh radiating down the
knee. It also causes burning sensation,
numbness or tingling. While Sciatica is most
commonly a result of a disc herniation, any
cause of irritation or inflammation of this nerve
can reproduce the symptoms of Sciatica.
Composition : Aconitum nap. 4x, Arsenicum alb.
30x, Colocynthis 4x, Gnaphalium 12x,
Magnesium phos. 8x.

Indications : Helps relieve pain in legs,
paraesthesia and cramps associated with

Dosage : Take 10‐15 drops in little water 2‐3
times daily before meals for atleast 12‐16
weeks. In acute cases the dose is to be taken 2
hourly, 6 times a day.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
In the case of Prolapse of the verteberal disc or
spinal Osteoarthritis it is recommended to give
additionally B11, 10‐15 drops 3‐4 times daily.
Peripheral vascular disorders together with
Acroparaesthesia: Compare B62.
In Trigeminal and Facial neuralgias : Compare
Topically use Dr Bakshi's Rheum Aid Gel, if



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