Bakson's B68 (Neuralgia Drops) -

Bakson's B68 (Neuralgia Drops)

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Bakson Homoeopathic Neuralgia Drops..

Neuralgia is an intense burning or stabbing pain
caused by irritation of or damage to a nerve. It
often feels as if pain is shooting along the
course of the affected nerve or pain is usually
felt in the part of the body that is supplied by
the irritated nerve lasting for a few seconds to
few minutes. In some cases pain may be
accompanied by twitching of muscles of
affected area.

Composition : Magnesium phos. 4x, Colocynthis
6x, Kalmia lat. 3x, Verbascum thap. 2x.
Indications : For neuralgia of various parts
associated with sharp, tearing pains.

Dosage :In acute cases take 10‐15 drops diluted
in water, 2 hourly 6 times a day. Once
improvement starts take 3 times a day.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
In Neuralgic‐Rheumatic pains : Additionally B11.
In occipital and ciliary Neuralgia alternate with
In Intercostal Neuralgia : Compare B29.
In Rheumatism over the shoulder area and the
distal parts of the upper limbs ‐ hands :
Compare B52.
In the presence of Sinusitis alternate B 68 with
B22, 1‐2 hourly.
In Sciatica : Compare B69.
Topically apply Dr. Bakshi's Rheum Aid Gel.


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