Bakson's B64 (treats Scaly skin) -

Bakson's B64 (treats Scaly skin)

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Dermato Drops

The list of medical conditions causing Scaly skin
(Scaling skin) includes Eczema, Fungal skin
infection, Ichthyosis, Psoriasis. Dry/scaly skin is
otherwise most commonly observed in the
lower legs, arms, flanks (sides of the abdomen)
and thighs.

Composition :Berberis aquifolium ø, Calcarea
carb. hahnemanni 30x, Graphites 12x,
Hydrocotyle asiatica 2x, Natrum mur. 30x.

Indications :Helps relieve scaling (exfoliation of
skin) and thickening of outer layer of skin in
Eczema and Psoriasis.

Dosage :10‐15 drops in water, 2‐3 times daily
before meals.

Advice : B38 if given in addition will enhance
the action of B64.

Psoriasis is a deep seated constitutional
complaint that requires time and patience in
If symptoms agree B23 or Bakson
Homoeopathic Formula D Tablets, in addition to
In cases of endocrine secretory disturbances
B37 or B36 respectively can be used as
additional therapy.



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