Bakson's B17 (Bones Drops) -

Bakson's B17 (Bones Drops)

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Bones Drops

Softening of bones (brittle bones) both in
children (due to Rickets) and elderly (due to
Osteoporosis) potentially lead to fractures and
deformities. It also causes bone pain and
tenderness & muscle weakness which must be
medically managed.

Composition : Calcarea fluor. 12x, Calcarea
phos. 12x, Chamomilla 6x, Phytolacca 6x, Hekla
lava 12x, Mer. praec. ruber 12x, Eup. perf. 3x,
Silicea 30x.

Indications : For correcting perturbations in
growth of bones e.g. in Rickets besides relieving
fragility of bones and symptoms of Arthritis.
Dosage : Dilute 10‐15 drops in water and take 1‐
2 times a day.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
Osteochondritis of Intervertebral disc : B11.
Painful dentition : Take B18.
In Hyperhydrosis : B43.
In Cradle cap : If necessary additionally take
In Osteoarthritis : Additionally administer B71.



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