Bakson's Homoeopathic B60 Drops -

Bakson's Homoeopathic B60 Drops

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Bakson Homoeopathic Inflamed Mucosa Drops..

Inflammation is part of the complex biological
response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli,
such as pathogens, damaged cells or irritants.
Inflammation of the lining or the cavities
communicating with the external air (mucus
membrane), as lining of the mouth, intestines,
etc ; manifests as redness or swelling , usually
attended with heat, pain and fever

Composition : Lemna minor 3x, Belladonna 4x,
Ferrum phos. 8x, Merc. sol. hah. 8x, Pulsatilla

Indications : Helps relieve inflammation of
mucous membranes.

Dosage :8‐10 drops in water should be given 3‐4
times daily.
For children : 3‐5 drops in some water are
Acute cases : Take the dose 2 hourly, 6 times a

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
For the convalescence stage: B42.
If illness is complicated use B1 for Influenza.
B6 for Tonsillitis/ Ottitis Media.
B22 for Sinusitis.
When the rash does not develop at all or too
slowly give intercurrently, B23, 8‐10 drops, 2 or
3 times daily.
Bronchitis : Additionally B33 or Kof Aid Syrup.
For involvement of the Lungs : B54 may be
given 3 or 4 times daily in addition to B60.


As per The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States and Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act, the below medicines being  patent can be safely taken for self limiting condition i.e. did not require medical diagnosis, prescription or monitoring and is non toxic. But it cannot be treated as a substitute for actual medical advice.

if you have a serious medical condition, please consult a physician of your choice immediately or consult online CLICK HERE




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